DOUBLE BATTERY LIFE on Popular Batteries


FINALLY ! A Battery Doubling* Method that Really Works ! The Co. that controls this Patent will Control the Market!

 We GUARANTEE IT WORKS ! PAYS FOR ITSELF IN SHORT TIME !  Imagine starting your car in -50 deg Blizzard when others are stranded !   If you would like to receive a basic "Do It Yourself, Prove it to Yourself" (DITYPITY) kit that you can install in your own flashlight/toy car/train/other, we ask only a small "donation" to the Help the Green Energy Make Batteries Cost/Pollute Less Cause.   Clik here  ---> KIT2DbleBatteryUse, to get the patent circuit DIY kit, and just scroll down to the Kit Version.

    To see the patent description just clik above for the kit and goto "Amazing Patent 4Sale" under other listings.  (We also offer 20% COMMISSION for life, to anyone who arranges a deal for sale of a license to use the patent (could be worth Hundreds of Millions) or 1% if you just drop a name and your contact buys a license.

SELECTED BY "EVERYDAY EDISONS" TV SHOW year 2011, As 1 of only 10 finalists out of a field of thousands!! (See witness's page on menu of this( web site).   Sadly, recently Everyday Edison's "proposed" contract sent to us was written so that we would have to give up all rights (which we refused to do) while they guaranteed nothing in return (we are hoping they can make a much better offer and help us anyway).  Buy a kit, prove the concept to yourselves and then once you are convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt, show it to your CEO and get the 20% bonus money of perhaps hundreds of millions since everything runs on batteries anymore).            Watch the videos (upper right):  USA Patented circuit  equipped flashlight runs brightly on alleged "Dead" batteries taken out of the trash ! One of the best features is that when the flashlight or toy train finally does get slow or dim, we just replace only the 1 worst battery and it gives us hours more fun and performance! (saving money $$$ ) .   Also we get double time of use on day 1, but on days 2-7 we get decreasingly MORE time of use , which equates to another approximately 100% of use, making it "in a way" triple battery life.   Even good engineers don't believe it until they see it in action (one person kept the batteries under lock and key after day 1,  a few evening later we reinstalled them and the toy train would go so fast it could fly off the track !!!  Ask Steve Gould - (see witness's page)

 The side by side test of the toy trains got twice the speed and much more distance (100% more laps around the track).   There are two main type of batteries 1. Disposable and 2. Rechargeable.  1.  For disposable throwaway batteries is always fantastic.  2.  For rechargeable's it can be a life saver to get home, save a life, win a race, provide emergency lighting, or other extreme emergency type use *(for rechargeable's life cycle years of use will be diminished in most cases but its irrelevant for example when the kidney dialysis machine keeps the patient alive when all other power sources finally fail ).    

ELEGANCE:  Meaning the simplest possible form with the most optimum performance !  This is an electric circuit that uses a 5 cent switch with 1 cent worth of wiring in toy trains and achieves more speed and much more distance !!  Can be used in anything electric or electronic.   

What's so good about toy trains: well its "VISUAL MASS" in motion (or work being done as can easily be seen visually) moving around a track (distance)  and that is a WORK being done: and its easily discernible even to non-scientific people.   "Hey, twice as many laps is twice as many laps, and on dead batteries, wow~! "      F = Ma  (Force = mass x acceleration); and "Work" = F x Distance = distance x mass x acceleration, a toy train is a mass upon which an acceleration is delivered, resulting in the mass moving a distance (laps).

      So when we run down 4 batteries one at time in the toy train until the train stops for a total distance D, then we put the four dead batteries back into the toy train using the patented circuit and get the same distance D again and also at a higher speed , we have to believe there is something fantastic going on right? The final result is D + D again but at a higher speed = 2D but with half of that distance at a higher speed (is it then TRIPLE ? well maybe if you say that going 2D is twice and doing it at a faster speed is worth an additional D for a total of 3D but most people don't think like that so we just say "up to Double" depending on device"). In the first place using previously dead batteries at all is amazing, but going faster and twice as far is incredibly unbelievable. (Truly in fact it does work as said and once you understand batteries makes perfect sense).

Residual energy is like the "tip" of the iceberg in your devices.  If you knew the joules of energy underneath that "tip" you see is actually about 100% more energy, what would you think: "Gee : why can't we use that energy, after all we paid for it ?" and YES you are right you paid for it, you should be able to use it , and THIS CIRCUIT allows you to do just that. !!

This special GREEN Electric Circuit makes it possible to double Battery use with most popular batteries* ! 


  When used in electric cars or other higher voltage items its MUCH SAFER when used in "Safe" low voltage re-charging mode for workers and family, equipment, home, etc (see #5 below).

NOTE: There are two major categories of batteries;

1. Disposable/Throw-away after one use types such as alkaline etc, the circuit allows for a doubling effect and since batteries are thrown away the battery condition (or saving the battery from being damaged is not an issue). YES it works FANTASTIC with alkaline batteries ! !

2. Rechargeable's:  WORKS WITH CAR BATTERIES ! ! !   The circuit works very well with specific types but it does degrade Life Cycle Years of use (LCY)   We only recommend rechargeable's use the circuit in the background as a safety for extreme emergency doubling effect when no other power is available (such as to win a race, save a life with battery operated medical equipment, or provide emergency lighting, all situations in which LCY is unimportant relative to the emergency). For such a low cost of only 15 cents in parts, why not?

Super Efficient Control Circuit !



1. Manipulates Voltages to Double DISTANCE (WORK ) or TIME of Operation for Alkaline type Disposable batteries. (can  ALSO work with rechargeable "CAR" batteries and other specific emergency use only rechargeables proratedly ).

2. We can take batteries out of the trash and use them again!

3. Can work with any High or Low Voltage Battery system.

4. Mix any "Types" of batteries in same device easily*

5.  SAFETY :  Allows you to charge your dangerous High Volt Electric systems with much cheaper Low Voltage charger and thus is MUCH SAFER for technicians (electrocution dangers) and houses/garages/equipment/lawsuits.  IE This patent allows you to charge for example, a  300 volt battery pack with just a standard car 12 v charger if need be (higher amps will charge faster for lead acid and other specialty types of batteries).  It can also be put in this safe low voltage mode when parked whether re-charging or not as desired for even more safety. Can be used with SOLAR panels if desired (optional).  Imagine if even one fatality and or lawsuit is avoided that could save millions to a big corp or insurance co's.


Interested parties / buyers /  licensees can call or Email: INVENTPEACE@AOL.COM: for more Patent information! Jeffrey Davis CEO VOLKSLIGHT Co. USA ph 386-837-9455

    IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE THIS JUST CHECK THE VOLTAGE OF YOUR "DEAD" BATTERIES! You will see that 2/3 of the original voltage is still there!! Now connect a lightbulb of that voltage that is left:  BAHWALLA !  its blinding you !!

    It uses no outside power sources charging but is entirely self contained. BECAUSE it uses only about 1/2 as many batteries per year your devices will sell better because its environmentally friendly.

     For example: Our 800-1000 HOUR LED  CAMPING LANTERN is CHEAP and EASY TO MANUFACTURE (as are the other devices that use it) and ENVIRONMENTALLY (GREEN) FRIENDLY FLASHLIGHT! Requires only standard flashlight wired to our specifications and 3 inexpensive parts and the circuit USES only almost zero MANAGEMENT energy ; allowing nearly 100% of power to go to light bulb or other powered device such as mp3 or other.

*For disposable batteries: such as alkaline its definitely a 100% doubling effect.   And we can as said, mix different types in same battery pack (heretofore unheard of, giving users finally a choice of what to put in, and also users only have to replace the worst battery if they like, to get hours more time at high performance).  For example , we many times use lead acid, alkaline, and other types together in same pack, the secret is indiependent management of each battery separately from the others via the voltage management circuitry.  Imagine!

  ** For rechargeable batteries: WE RECOMMEND ONLY FOR EMERGENCY OR EXTREME USE such as winning a race, saving a life, being fastest, first, longest running, get home, disaster mode, because it does indeed get the "Nth" degree of energy out of dry cells, for same reason it shaves off part of the years of use for reusable batteries; thus most massive usage should be for alkaline disposables and for high performance hobbyists to win the race and for Medical Equipment to save a life ! Thus for rechargeables it should be installed and remain in the background until the emergency arises, then it can answer the call in a very strong mode!

Adding Fun

JEFFREY S. DAVIS owner of Volkslight Co and sole inventor creator and owner of this special battery doubling patent circuit offers 20% COMMISSION to anyone who can get the first deal conracted to put this circuit into the mass marketplace. You must be able to document your direct involvement. Win-Win!

      The cirucuit is CHEAP INSTALLED at your factory mass production and can be as low as 10 cents per item for small devices.   Medium size systems such as universal battery packs (or radio power supply units, heating/cooking, etc) would be approximately 15 cents in parts  and up depending on specs and material cost.  Large systems such as perhaps electric full size transport vehicles would be in the neighborhood of $100-$300 again depending.  Hearing aids down to nano sizes would almost be free after tooling up.   Marketing studies show this product will sell multimillions over its lifetime. *

Also since patent is not dependent on only one product this patent can be licensed for multiple products such as cars, mobile cell phones*, etc (not just flashlights) to cover almost every market in the world that uses batteries in any way! (subject to licensure agreements).

* For disposable batteries such as alkaline etc its straightforward and very fantasticly efficient.  ; conversely rechargables are harder to work with and require extra safeguard to preserve battery integrity which is not necessary with disposable batteries, in other words yes the circuit works with rechargeables but life cycle years (LCY) of use are diminished each time you use the circuit, but that it is good for recharegables in the use of extreme emergency use to win a race or save a life or provide emergency medical or lighting


(No video player required but it will take 1-3 min to download, please be patient, if video stops before train stop just hit play button, thanks)*

Side by side VIDEO test showing 2 toy trains (one equipped with Patented Circuit). The reason for the slot car track is that the trains fly off

the track when normal non-slotted track is used.. 

 Take1 VIDEO: First flashlight video, re-using alleged "dead"alkaline batteries: 

Take2 VIDEO OF Actual Use of expired batteries being re-used in patent circuit flashlight! clik here -->


Interested buyers or licensees can call or Email: INVENTPEACE@AOL.COM: for more Patent information!Jeffrey Davis CEO VOLKSLIGHT Co.USA ph 386-837-9455

Again the Electronics Expert is saying, YES! it has huge potential !  This last week tests using micro controller allowed fully automatic operation of the circuit and showed us "up to" 150% MORE Joules** of energy below the normally "dead" voltage!   ("dead" voltage for a 1.5v AA cell is about 1.2 volts where the light turns yellow and goes out, but with this amazing device (a special circuit) we get much much more! )


*For ease of your use, we use the Windows Media Player (may take a few minutes to load video; no special video player is required to be installed):

**Presumes 2 or more cell devices. 100% more guaranteed over 1st constant use day, succeeding days give at least 50-100% more depending on battery type (alkaline's are best tested so far); however there is a limit of diminishing returns; meaning that even after 6 days and getting 200% more distance or time of use, finally the batteries are beyond even the magic of the circuit; at that time then the need only replace the "one" worst cell and get even more hours of bright (or fast) use.   Cells can also be mixed meaning that any type of cell can be inserted into battery pack and circuit will manage it separately; thus lithium, nimh, alkaline, heavy duty lead acid, etc can all be in same battery pack; this eliminates the need to carry all 4, all new, all same type, batteries... just carry one extra cell for each device and it can be of any type chemistry or format; for added insurance !